We use the USB-501 temperature loggers From Firetail DAQ to monitor our refrigerator temperatures for Food Safety Compliance. Roger Cawsey from Firetail DAQ demonstrated how easy it was to set them up. These little loggers save us having to do the required twice daily temperature recording as we are not always there to do it and the “over temperature” alarm light is really handy.Peter Arndt, Secretary, Ashburton Bowls Club.

We at Suntech R&D Australia have been using the Measurement Computing USB cards: USB-1208FS, USB1608FS and the USB1024LS for the in-house development of measurement tools. The performance of these products was always satisfactory. The cards are very versatile, easy to use and competitive in value. They have greatly extended our flexibility and allowed us to develop new tools while keeping investment costs to a minimum.

The service we have received from Firetail DAQ has been excellent in speed and quality and support with choosing the right product for our applications. There is little doubt that we will purchase further products from them in the future.Oliver Kunz, Suntech R&D Australia.

ATSA has provided assistance to Elemental Energy Technologies Ltd (EET) in the development and trials of a 3rd generation tidal turbine generator, the SeaUrchin.

In November 2011, trials were conducted on the Georges River, south of Sydney. The SeaUrchin was mounted on the front of a 20 tonne barge and was pushed along a set course. The SeaUrchin was instrumented with pressure sensors and flow meters. The data from this instrumentation was captured and recorded with a Measurement Computing USB-1608G data logger.

The trialling of the SeaUrchin required a device capable of recording up to 16 channels at very high speed (KHz). Since the trials were part of the development stages of the SeaUrchin, an affordable solution was imperative. Firetail DAQ provided expert advice in selecting and operating the equipment for the task at hand.

The shipping and handling of our order was extremely fast. And when we accidently damaged a channel in the data logger in preparation for the trial, Firetail DAQ came to our rescue supplying a replacement at very short notice, which allowed the trials to continue as scheduled.

The trials would not have been a success without the exceptional advice and service provided by Firetail DAQ.Elizabeth Karpiel, Project Engineer, ATSA Defence Services.

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