WebDAQ 904

Internet Enabled Universal Input Logger

WebDAQ 904



The WebDAQ 904 is a stand-alone, universal data logger designed for remote monitoring and control of multiple signal types.

WebDAQ BrochureLog four simultaneous analog inputs

Support for voltage (up to ±60 V), current, RTD, thermocouples, resistance, and bridge-based sensors

Built-in web server allows access from any device with a web browser

WiFi support for wireless operation

View data in real time or post acquisition

Virtually unlimited storage

Easy, flexible task scheduling

Four isolated digital I/O for triggers and alarms

Alarming and notifications with email and SMS messaging

Ability to export .csv data for Excel® and MATLAB®

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WebDAQ firmware uses open-source software components; refer to WebDAQ-Licenses for the licensing information of each component. WebDAQ open-source code is available upon request from .

For more information on the WebDAQ Series download our WebDAQ Brochure.

Analog Input
Channels Resolution Max Sample Rate
Voltage, Current, Thermocouples, RTD,
Resistance, Bridge-based Sensors
24-bit 100 S/s/ch
Digital I/O Memory Power
Channels Memory Power
4 Internal 3GB, optional SD card,
and USB slots
External AC Adapter Included


Internet Enabled universal input Data Logger.

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