Ultra High-Speed Simultaneous USB Device




The USB-2020 data acquisition (DAQ) device provides simultaneous, high-speed analog inputs at rates up to 20 MS/s per channel. Users can sample data directly to the 64 MS onboard memory or continuously stream data to a host computer. Features include an A/D converter per channel, flexible triggering and gating options, and digital I/O.

Analog Input
Channels Resolution Max Sample Rate
2 12-bit 20 MS/s/ch
Sampling Ranges Isolation
Simultaneous ±10 V, ±5 V, ±2 V, ±1 V
Analog Output
Channels Resolution Speed
Digital I/O
Channels Counter/Timers Encoder
Software Power
OS Support Drivers Power
Windows® and Linux® Universal Library™ SW Suite External



12-bit; 20 MS/s; simultaneous sampling; utra high-speed USB board

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