High-Precision Thermocouple USB/Ethernet System




The TC-32 data acquisition (DAQ) system provides high accuracy thermocouple inputs and includes both USB and Ethernet interfaces. Features include a CJC sensor per channel, open thermocouple detection, digital I/O, and expansion options for high channel count temperature applications. With the optional TC-32-EXP, the system can be expanded to 64 TC inputs, 16 digital inputs, and 64 digital outputs.

Analog Input
Channels Resolution Max Sample Rate Sampling
32 DIFF expandable to 64 24-bit 3 S/s/ch Multiplexed
Ranges Isolation
±78.125 mV 500 V ch-host
Thermocouple RTD Thermistor Voltage
Analog Output
Channels Resolution Speed
Digital I/O
Channels Counter/Timers Encoder
40 expandable to 80
Software Power
OS Support Drivers Power
Windows®, Android™, and Linux® Universal Library™ SW Suite External



Thermocouple measurement system, USB or Ethernet-based, with 32 channels (expandable to 64), 24-bit resolution, 3 S/s/ch sample rate, 8 digital inputs, and 32 digital outputs.

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