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The LGR-5320 Series are high-speed, stand-alone data loggers for analog and digital sig¬nals. Each module offers 16 analog inputs, 16 digital inputs, one single Form C relay (0.5A) digital output for triggering/alarming, and four counter/encoder inputs. These devices allow users to collect high-speed correlated analog and digital data without a computer.

LGR-5320 devices perform high-speed, correlated measurements, up to 200 kS/s, directly to a Secure Digital (SD) or SDHC memory card. Utilizing the advanced analog and digital triggering options, users can collect data to monitor systems and events without dedicating a PC. The LGR-5320 loggers include easy-to-use DAQLog software to configure the devices and retrieve data via the USB interface or SD memory card. Three models are available in the LGR-5320 Series. The LGR-5325 features up to ±10 V analog inputs, 100 kS/s sampling, four con¬ventional counter inputs (non-quadrature), and single-channel trigger modes. The LGR-5327 features up to ±30 V analog inputs, 200 kS/s sampling, four quadrature encoder inputs, and multi-channel trigger modes. The LGR-5329 includes all the functionality of the LGR-5327 plus isolated digital inputs.


  • Up to 200 kS/s correlated sampling of all data
  • 16 analog inputs up to ±30 V
  • 16-bit resolution
  • 16 industrial digital inputs up to 30 V
  • Single Form C relay digital output configurable for triggering/alarming
  • 4 counter inputs (quadrature available)
  • 4 GB SD memory card included, supports up to 32 GB
  • Multi-channel analog and digital triggering
  • Push-button controls for field operation


  • Includes DAQLog™ software for easy setup, configuration, and data retrieval
  • Multiple trigger and alarming functions
  • Ability to save data in .csv format for easy import into Excel®

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