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New Multifunction Modules with MacOS and Linux Support

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

 Firetail DAQ data acquisition and logging products Australia distributor of market leading low priced high performance DAQ today announced the release of two new USB based data acquisition modules, the USB-1208FS-Plus and the USB-1408FS-PLUS.    A key feature of the new mulifunction modules is the introduction of DAQFlex support to enable MAC and Linux users to gain access to great value, high performance data acquisition  products.    The USB driver has also been redesigned  to be more efficient to reduce PC resource use.   An other feature is the high current capability of one the two eight bit  Digital IO ports.

Common hardware features include 4 Differential or 8 Single Ended input channels,  high multiplexed sampling rates, 16-bit DIO and dual 12-bit +/-5 volt analog outputs.   The USB-1208FS-PLUS features 8 x 11-bit resolution +/-10 inputs or 4 x 12-bit resolution bipolar inputs with programable range inputs between +/-1 volt and +/-20 volts.  

To celebrate the realease of these two new modules, Firetail DAQ until the End of February 2013, has announced a special introductory US continental price for the new "Plus" models which represents a significant discount.

USB-1208FS-PLUS    $189.00

USB-1408FS-Plus    $249.00

(Plus $10.00 delivery plus GST)

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