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New DAQ Modules Smash the Price / Performance Barrier

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Firetail DAQ and Measurement Computing announce the arrival of a whole new level of data acquisition performance at an unprecendented new low price with the USB-200 series USB based data acquisition modules.  

The  USB-200 series feature a brand new design with the latest technology to create DAQ devices with unsurpassed performace at a price point well below our existiing entry level models and that of our competitors.   These new offererings reinforce Measurement Computing as the low cost leader.   The USB-200 series USB data acquisition modules feature eight single ended analog inputs with 12-bit resolution and  maximum sample rates of either 100,000 Samples per second for the USB-201 model or an unheard of 500,000 samples per second for hte USB-204 model    The USB-200 series USB DAQ modules also feature eight digital IO (DIO) lines and a 32-bit counter.

To further enhance Measurement Computing's reputation as the Low Cost Leader in data acquisition the USB-200 series also comes with a complete range of software options including our complimentary Tracer DAQ instrument suite, our famous Universal Library, support for LabView, drivers for DASYLab and DAQFlex open source software framework which is compatible for Windows. Linux and Mac platforms.

The USB-200 series USB based analog data acquisition modules will be available in Australia from early march 2013.