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Data Acquisition for Android™-Based Tablets

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Melbourne, Australia - August, 28, 2012 – Firetail DAQ the Australian agent for Measurement Computing, the value leader in data acquisition, today announced the release of USB DAQ device support for Android-based tablets.

As tablets gain popularity, Measurement Computing is at the forefront of targeting these new devices with its low-cost USB data acquisition products.

The Android OS is supported through DAQFlex, a simple and efficient message-based programming interface. The DAQFlex for Android API and example programs are included with select DAQ devices. The Android API provides programmers a method of communicating with these devices without the need for understanding USB communication mechanisms.

Unlike most DAQ devices which interface to the computer via low-level commands, DAQFlex devices interface with simple text messages. In addition to Android, DAQFlex also includes out of the box support for Windows®, Linux®, and Mac®.

A white paper on using Android with MCC DAQ hardware is available for download from the Measurement Computing website.

To download the white paper or to find more information on the Android API for MCC DAQ, visit: