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USB-504 Current Logger

USB-504   Current Logger


The Measurement Computing USB-504 data logger from Firetail DAQ measures and stores up to 32,000 4 to 20 mA current loop readings. The user can easily set up the logging rate and start-time, and download the stored data by plugging the module straight into a PC’s USB port, and run the purpose-designed software under Windows®. The data can then be graphed, printed, and exported to other applications. The data logger is supplied complete with a long-life lithium battery. Correct functioning of the unit is indicated by flashing red and green LEDs. The data logger features a pair of screw terminals, and is supplied with a set of measurement leads with alligator clip terminals. The easy-to-install and use USB-500 Series Data Logger Application software runs in Windows® 2000/XP/Vista. It allows the user to configure the USB-504 logger and download and display the data graphically in a powerful strip chart. The software also provides an easy export to Excel®.


  • USB interface for set-up and data download
  • Red and green LED status indication
  • 4–20 mA DC current loop measurement range
  • Connection via two screw terminals
  • User-programmable alarm thresholds
  • Replaceable long-life lithium battery
  • Logging rate intervals between 10 sec and 12 hr
  • Stores 32,000 readings

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