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USB-1608FS 8 Channel Simultaneous Sampling

USB Data Acquisition


The Measurement Computing USB-1608FS from Firetail DAQ adds a low-cost, 8-channel, 16-bit analog interface to any USB port. The USB-1608FS provides one A/D converter per channel, allowing simultaneous sampling over all 8 Single Ended inputs. The USB-1608FS offers continuous single-channel sample rates up to 50 kS/s, and multiple-channel continuous sampling rates up to 100 kS/s total. A burst mode is also provided which allows an overall throughput of 200 kS/s for up to 32K total samples. Input ranges of ±10 V, ±5 V, ±2 V and ±1 V are software selectable, and each channel may be set at any of the four ranges, independent of other channels. The combination of the USB-1608FS and Measurement Computing’s DAQ software suite gives you a complete data acquisition solution that will have you taking measurements in minutes. The device is fully USB plug and play and easy to use. It is powered from the USB port, so no external power connection is ever required.


  • 16-bit resolution
  • External digital trigger input
  • 8 single-ended analog input channels
  • Up to 200 kS/s overall throughput (max 50 kS/s for any channel)
  • 8 digital I/O
  • One 32-bit event counter
  • Simultaneous sampling (1 A/D converter per input)


  • TracerDAQ® software included for acquiring and displaying data and generating signals
  • Universal Library includes support for Visual Studio® and Visual Studio® .NET, including examples for Visual C++®, Visual C#®, Visual Basic®, and Visual Basic® .NET
  • Comprehensive drivers for DASYLab® and NI LabVIEW™
  • Supported by MATLAB® Data Acquisition Toolbox™
  • InstaCal software utility for installation, calibration, and testing
  • Supported Windows® Operating Systems: Windows 7/Vista/XP SP2, 32-bit or 64-bit

USB-1608 Series Comparison

Board/Feature USB-1608FS USB-1608FS Plus USB-1608G USB1608GX USB-1608HS
  USB-1608FS USB-1608FS Plus USB-1608GX USB-1608HS
Channels 8 SE 8 SE 8 Diff / 16 SE 8 Diff / 16 SE 8 Diff / 8 SE
Resolution 16-Bit 16-Bit 16-Bit 16-Bit 16-Bit
Sampling 100kS/s 200kS/s 250kS/s 500kS/s 250kS/s
DIO (lines/type) 8, 5V CMOS 8, 5V CMOS 8, 5V CMOS 8, 5V CMOS 16, 5V CMOS
Type Simultaneous Simultaneous Multiplex Multiplex Simultaneous
Analog output No No No 2 channel option 2 channel option
Ext Clock IO Bidirectional Pin Bidirectional Pin In/Out In/Out AI & AO Sync In/Out
Counter 1 x 32-bit 1 x 32-bit 2 x 32-bit 2 x 32-bit 1 x 32-bit
Timer No No Yes Yes No
DAQFlex No Yes Yes Yes Yes

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