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Serial488/4 is a four-channel IEEE 488 to serial converter that enables an IEEE 488 controller to command up to four bidirectional RS‑232 or RS‑422 devices. The unit attaches to an IEEE 488 controller in the same manner as an IEEE instrument, and allows the IEEE 488 controller to communicate with serial printers, plotters, and instruments or with other computers. The unit allows the IEEE 488 controller to access each of the serial ports individually by using a secondary IEEE address for each channel, or by using dual‑primary addressing. Each of the serial ports is individually configurable for RS‑232 or RS‑422 operation. Serial port parameters such as baud rate, word length, stop bits, and parity are also individually programmable per channel.

All parameters are programmable from the IEEE controller and are stored in non-volatile memory. The IEEE controller can read the status of each channel at any time and determine the number of characters received on the serial port, as well as the status of error conditions for that channel. The Serial488/4 is a 64K RAM dynamically allocated for use as a data buffer for all the serial ports. Handshaking on the serial ports, either XON/XOFF or CTS/RTS, automatically inhibits serial devices from ending more characters when the data buffer is nearly full. The Serial488/4 is packaged in a rugged rack mountable case with an internal power supply. Serial port connections are made via four 9-pin sub‑D style connectors.


  • Controls up to four RS‑232 or RS‑422 devices from one IEEE 488 controller
  • Each serial port is individually programmable for baud rate, word length, etc.
  • Built‑in 64K data buffer dynamically allocates data storage
  • XON/XOFF or CTS/RTS handshaking for each serial channel
  • Rugged rack‑mountable package with built‑in power supply

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