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The PC104-DAC06 analog output board provides 6 independent, 12 bit digital to analog converters with a number of output range choices. The board is PC104 compliant and is ideal for 3 axis position control, proportional valve control or stimulus response testing. The PC104 DAC06 is register compatible with the CIO-DDA06, CIO-DAC08 and CIO-DAC16. Although there are a different number of DACs on these boards, software designed for one will work with the other as long as the DAC being addressed does exist in that I/O location. See the explanation of the control registers for a more detailed explanation. The connector of the PC104-DAC06 is also easily made compatible with field wiring designed for the CIO-DAC08 and CIO-DAC16. Although the connector is a 40 pin header connector, it is laid out in such a way that by attaching a C40-37F-2 cable the signals are mapped into the same assignments as the 37 pin connectors on the CIO-DAC boards.

By choosing the PC104 boards from ComputerBoards, you preserve your investment in software and field wiring. In addition, the likelihood of new software and accessories being available to you is increased dramatically. The CIO (and original MetraByte) series of ISA data acquisition and control boards on which the PC104 series are based is the most common series of boards available. New software and accessories are developed for these products all the time, and when they are, the PC104 boards from ComputerBoards are automatically included because they are register and connector compatible with the ISA boards, an important point to consider before investing in a nonstandard set of PC104 boards.


  • Six analog outputs
  • 12 Bit, 1 part in 4096 resolution
  • Ranges of Unipolar 0-10 and 0-5 Bipolar +/-10 and +/-5
  • Single DAC update or all simultaneous update
  • 125 KHz update rate for D/A converter.
  • Convert & transfer rate processor dependent
  • PC104 compliant form factor & bus
  • Register compatible with ISA bus CIO-DDA06, DAC08
  • Connector compatible with ISA bus CIO-DAC series
  • Connector compatible with all standard accessories
  • Includes InstaCal installation, calibration and test SW
  • Universal Library support for language programming

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