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MCC DAQ HATs  - Hardware Attached on Top (HAT)  Sensor Measurement for Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi is the most popular single board computer in use today and many traditional DAQ users are now designing measurement systems around it due to its flexibility and low cost. Coupled with open source software Raspberry Pi based systems are becoming more and more prevalent in professional DAQ applications.

MCC DAQ HATs have advantages over other HATs due their validated design, high resolution, accuracy and sample speed. Open source MCC DAQ HAT Library of commands in C/C++ and Python allow for easy application building in Linux.

MCC 118

The MCC 118 is an 8-channel voltage measurement HAT (hardware attached on top) designed specifically for the Raspberry Pi and the first in a series of HATs that will include analogue outputs, TC inputs and digital IO all coming soon.  Up to 8 HATs can be stacked on one Raspberry Pi providing up to 64 channels of data with a maximum throughput of 320kS/s.


Eight Single ended inputs

100kS/s sample rate

+/- 10V range

12-bit resolution

External Scan I/O

External Digital Trigger

Screw terminals

MCC 118 ships with a getting started guide and relevant mounting hardware

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More DAQ Hats Coming Soon

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