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The Measurement Computing CIO-DIO24 from Firetail DAQ has 24 digital I/O lines, and one 82C55 parallel-interface chip.

Each 82C55 chip controls 24 CMOS/TTL-compatible digital I/O pins. The 82C55 is configured as two 8-line ports and two 4-line ports. Each port is programmable for input or output.

All I/O bits are set to input mode (high impedance) on power up and reset. If you are using the board to control items that must be OFF on reset, install pull-down resistors. The board is equipped with open locations where you can install SIP resistor networks for either pull-up or pull-down. All signals pass through a 37-pin connector.


  • 24 digital I/O
  • 82C55 based


This Board is a legacy board for ISA bus based PCs and is not recommended for new designs. While these boards are supplied with the latest MCCDAQ CD-Rom software archive versions of the Universal Library and Instacal software are available.

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