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Measurement Computing's CIO-DAS08 provides eight single-ended channels of 12-bit analog input, three 16-bit down counter channels, three digital input, four digital output, and 24 digital I/O lines.

The analog input range and polarity are selectable with an on-board switch. Bipolar input ranges are ±10 V and ±5 V. The Unipolar input range is 0 to +10 V.

You select the base address with onboard dip switches. The interrupt level and pacer source are jumper-selectable. You can set the pacer source to use the internal PC clock or an external clock.

The CIO-DAS08 has a 37-pin analog connector and an onboard 37-pin digital connector.

Four digital output bits and three digital input bits are provided on the board's main connector. A 37-pin connector mounted on the board provides 24 digital I/O bits based on the 82C55 specification. The 24 bits are configured as two eight-bit ports and two 4-bit ports. Each of these ports may be individually programmed as input or output.


  • 8-channel single-ended analog inputs
  • 12-bit resolution
  • 20 kS/s sample rate
  • 3 counters
  • 31 digital I/O


This Board is a legacy board for ISA bus based PCs and is not recommended for new designs. While these boards are supplied with the latest MCCDAQ CD-Rom software archive versions of the Universal Library and Instacal software are available.

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